Achilles Wedding – Wedding in Nature

civil ceremony is held under the open sky at sunset, accompanied by:

Ensuring the Achilles Park Place, registrar executive desks, benches, gates happiness and sound system.

Outdoor reception upon arrival:

Guests arriving for the event fresh scones and cold refreshments are welcome, ensuring an effortless style introduction to the wedding, and the couple can use this time to prepare them for a few romantic photo of a lake.

Champagne greeting:

By the end of the civil ceremony colleagues ensure that all members of the wedding party able to clink your glasses and congratulate the young couple with a glass of champagne

Celebration dinner:

  • Food: Choose a gala dinner prepared 13 kinds of menu or customized as needed, offering bowls for 4 people, and the midnight buffet menu offering basis
  • Drink: Drink choice of three types of packages


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Consultancy service:

In recent years, we had the opportunity to work with the wedding market a complete range of services, of which we selected few who can safely recommend based on our experience. On this list using either one – two days are guaranteed a high standard everyone can settle on the big day.